Volume 3, Issue 1

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Novel Formulation of THC and CBN in a Repeat-Action Tablet Improves Objective and Subjective Measurements of Sleep

William E. Gannon, MD, Capital City Technical Consulting, Inc, Washington, DC;Wendy Bronfein, Curio Wellness, LLC, Timonium, Maryland;Dia S. Jackson, BS, Curio Wellness, LLC, Timonium, Maryland;Kimberly Holshouser, RN, Curio Wellness, LLC, Timonium, Maryland;Tecoya Farrakhan, PharmD, Curio Wellness, LLC, Timonium, Maryland;Bruce E. Artman, MS, Curio Wellness, LLC, Timonium, Maryland;Marcus Schestepol, Magothy Consulting Group, Oceanside, California;Donald J. Treacy, […]

Medical Supply in Jeopardy as More States Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

The year 2020 brought a tsunami of events that led to a rise in demand and a fall in supply of medical cannabinoid products in the United States. AJEM spoke with officials and physicians from 3 states that were reporting cannabis shortages—Illinois, Maryland, and Florida—about its effect on patients. Additionally, panic-related buying due to the […]

The Complicated Relationship Between COVID-19 and Cannabis: A Year in Review

With false claims circulating about the effectiveness of cannabis to treat COVID-19 and studies rapidly pouring out of labs and hospitals, it is challenging to make sense of it all. AJEM spoke with leading cannabis researchers and physicians to reflect on what we’ve learned after a year of COVID-19. In short, it’s complicated. Medical cannabinoid […]

Cannabidiol as a Treatment for Behavioral Issues in Pediatric Patients With Intellectual Disabilities

By Eric Exelbert, MDPediatric Critical Care Physician, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital,Hollywood, FloridaDirector of Pediatrics, CED ClinicFounder, ExAlt Med, LLC Pediatric patients with intellectual disabilities (ID) and severe behavioral problems (SBP) represent one of the most challenging populations to treat and for which to provide a safe medical home. Parents or guardians of children with ID […]

Case Report: Cannabidiol in the Management of Acute Opioid Withdrawal

Introduction: Widespread access to both prescribed opioid medications and illicit narcotics (including heroin and clandestine fentanyl) have contributed to the opioid epidemic in the United States. From 1999 to 2018, nearly 450,000 Americans have died of an opioid overdose, and since 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report an average of 130 deaths […]